NEWSLETTER | March 2019


 Barge Turned Around! 

On March 23rd we had a volunteer day at Isegran. The focus was to finish the barge bottom, to be ready for the turning operation on the 25th. The weather was perfect, and a lot of people showed up to join in. Lucky us! The barge was covered with copper plates, which required a total of 3000 copper nails! We also made a new seating arrangement for rest breaks in the sun, and a new fun idea: a tiny version of the cathedral for birdies. We are going to sell these for further funding of Hope Cathedral.

There was almost a bit too much excitement when the turning operation started. Adrenaline was pumping, and the pulse was racing as the barge was raised. But all went perfectly well! The turning was done with cranes from Kynningsrud.


Scouts For Hope!

On March 11th we had a visit from 1st Fredrikstad Scout Group at Isegran. The scouts participated in a small building project, together with construction manager Andreas Pagande, and they all showed such a great enthusiasm. The scout group is dedicated to give it's members a varied and exciting program, to teach them that cooperation is the key to success. Self development and friendship will strengthen this, and gives a lot of positive experiences that offer challenges and a feeling of accomplishment.

2019-03-11 19.48.28.jpg

Grønneberg sings Hovland-hymns!

Sunday 26th of May, 19.00, Fredrikstad Cathedral.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Diocese of Borg, Magnus Grønneberg will hold a concert in Fredrikstad Cathedral. The concert team has already played for full houses in Trondheim and Oslo, and the profits for this very last concert is fully donated to Hope Cathedral! We hope as many as possible will buy tickets to experience this, and at the same time support a good cause. This will be something that you don’t wanna miss!

 More information on ticket sale will follow! Price will be NOK 350,-


Lads In The Woods!

Five guys from the volunteer group spent a day in the forest, where 15 trees were taken down to be used as framework in Hope Cathedral. The trees will first be barked and facilitated, and brought to Isegran later this spring. The municipality of Fredrikstad has been a very good collaborator in this, and we are so grateful.

2019-03-14 10.00.05.jpg

A good grip on the saw...

...while others were watching the logging.

2019-03-14 10.05.32.jpg

Presenting the Resource Group!

-one new every month.

March is dedicated to Tora Klevås, Municipality Manager at the Municipality of Hvaler.

- I’m grateful to be asked to join in as a resource for Hope Cathedral. My background is from, among other things, the Red Cross, where I have worked with digital funding and communication. 

I welcome the cathedral to Hvaler, both because of the increase of marine littering, but also because people need a spiritual space, no matter what faith we belong to.


Spring means Coastal Cleanup!

We’ve been at Arisholmen, and made a blog about the stay here (in Norwegian, but including some nice pics). We encourage everyone to combine walks with coastal cleaup. Check out 'Hold Norge Rent', where you can find maps of areas that needs to be cleaned, and also register where you’ve already cleaned. 'Kystlotteriet' is also a fantastic initiative. Check out their work here.


Erik Solheim - New Ambassador!


Erik Solheim

Former leader of UN Environment 

Erik Solheim is a Norwegian diplomat and former politician in SV - Socialist Left Party. He was leader of the UN Environment Program and Assistant General Secretary of the UN from 2016 to 2018. 

Solheim was in 2000 appointed Special Advisor to the Foreign Ministry, and worked as a peace broker in Sri Lanka. After leaving the government on March 23, 2012, he returned to his position as Special Advisor. From 2013 he was leader of the OECD cooperation, forum DAC. He has later signaled his support to The Green Party, and was active as a strategic advisor in the 2015 election campaign.

-Hope is the only thing that can fight apathy. Therefor, Hope Cathedral is a current and important project.

New Bags for Sale!

We’ve got brand new carrier bags that we sell to fund Hope Cathedral. Stop by our office space Phønixbrygga 3, and get one for yourself. Only NOK 100,- each. You get a nice bag, AND supports this great project.


Interfaith Climate Pilgrimage

Do you want to participate? read more here (Event in Norwegian)


Do you want to volunteer for Hope Cathedral?

We need people who can do carpentry work, clean beaches, cook, bake a cake, share information and more. Contact Anne Skauen: Mobile: 95912552,


Hope Cathedral is an interfaith and sustainable art project. We’re building a cathedral with a wooden construction inspired by traditional Norwegian stave churches and blocks made out of plastic we have found in the sea. The cathedral becomes proof that we can transform something bad into something good - and is a groundbreaking meeting point between world heritage and modern art, between people across age, nationality and faith. Hope Cathedral will be a place for common effort in a world where we may feel isolated from others.

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