NEWSLETTER | February 2019


NOK Two Million for Hope. A million Smiles for the Ocean!

Wednesday, February 13 was a beautiful day on Isegran.  The sun warmed, and we were all in mood for spring. What made this day even better, was that the Gift Manager at Sparebankstiftelsen DNB, Sissel Karlsen, came to the construction site - to hand over a gift check for NOK two million to Hope Cathedral.


The gift check is here handed over to Solveig by Sissel Karlsen, DNB.

Helly Hansen Workwear

Look at these three gentlemen. We’re on the construction site, and we’re all dressed in new outfits from Helly Hansen Workwear!

Pop colors, trend and design meet functionality - for all situations and weather conditions. The clothes both look good and protect our workers.


Join Us for a Weekend Workshop


Weekend workshop at the barge Mars 23/24

This weekend we invite all to join us for a voluntary communal work, at the barge, Isegran. We’ll cover the barge with solid copper sheathing below waterline, and we need your help. Bring a hammer, gloves and knee pads, and meet up at Isegran at 9am, on Saturday 23. Various tasks will be given, depended on your skills and wishes. Lunch will be held at noon, and we’re having a joint dinner at 4pm. Sunday 24, we’ll start at noon, and work until 4pm. There’ll be something to eat on the site this day as well.

Wanna join us?

Contact Siw Amina for registration:

If you wish to contribute in other ways, for instance as a coffee or cake maker, you are most welcome. We have tasks for everyone!

Handelens Miljøfond Supports the Cathedral Rooftop

NOK 30 million are distributed to over 70 recipients, and Hope Cathedral was one of many lucky receivers. The cathedral roof will be covered by marine plastic, to symbolize that there is hope when we all co-operate.

-We are happy about this gift, says Anne Skauen, who also says that they’re in dialogue with local plastic industry about the production of roof shingles made of marine plastic. There will be a need for about 15,000 shingles in the 300 m2 roof. -We aim to make the rooftop as a solid and beautiful marine plastic painting, she says.

Presenting our resource group!

-one person each month

February is dedicated Kennet Hald. Architect at Griff Architecture.

-I hope to be able to mix the knowledge of civil engineering, with passion for environment and sustainability as one of the resource members of Hope Cathedral. With this framework, my hope is to be able to spread the word - and to create an even broader knowledge about Hope's Cathedral, and not the least about ocean pollution. Martine litter knows no border.


High Visibility Hope

We’ve just designed brand new banners and signs - and display them both on the construction site at Isegran, and in the windows of Fredrikstad kirkelige fellesråd. We’ve also made a short information film about Hope Cathedral’s goals and visions. We’ll add it to the web page soon. The information film will be downloadable.


Colorful and vibrant! The painting is from Kjøstelsen, located in Fredrikstad, and the wooden sign from Trestokken AS. Perfect!


Sammen mot plast i havet - Together we can stop plastic pollution in our oceans.

Hope Cathedral is now a Member of Norwegian Centre of Circular Economy (NCCE)

Skjermbilde 2019-02-19 kl. 14.04.48.png

We are committed in building partnerships, and we are now a member of NCCE - an innovation center located in the eastern part of Norway, which sees business opportunities in circular economy and the green shift. NCCE will also cooperate to achieve the UN's sustainability goal 12: ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Read about NCCE here

Interfaith Climate Pilgrimage

Oslo has been named European Green Capital for 2019, and in connection with this, Ellingsrud and Furuset Congregation (The Norwegian Church), Oslo Buddhist Center and the Initiative Environment Sikh were assigned funds to plan and carry out an inter-religious climate pilgrimage walk from Oslo to Hope Cathedral in in Fredrikstad.

Do you want to participate? read more here (Event in Norwegian)


Do you want to volunteer for Hope Cathedral?

We need people who can do carpentry work, clean beaches, cook, bake a cake, share information and more. Contact Anne Skauen: Mobile: 95912552,


Hope Cathedral is an interfaith and sustainable art project. We’re building a cathedral with a wooden construction inspired by traditional Norwegian stave churches and blocks made out of plastic we have found in the sea. The cathedral becomes proof that we can transform something bad into something good - and is a groundbreaking meeting point between world heritage and modern art, between people across age, nationality and faith. Hope Cathedral will be a place for common effort in a world where we may feel isolated from others.

Read more here


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