NEWSLETTER | April 2019


Dear All Our Followers

It’s been a fantastic and amazing month, with a very varied schedule. We’ve had inspiring ocean cleanup trips with youngsters, and many new visitors at the construction site. Hope that you will all appreciate this little April update from us! 


Cleanup Expedition

On April 11, we were on a beach cleanup trip with FRIS -Fredrikstad International SchoolBorg Havn and Skjærgårdstjenesten. This was a super day for both adults and teeneagers alike, which also included very interesting and rapid weather changes: varying from a sunny spring like atmosphere to dense snowy surroundings and then back again. We managed to clean areas on both Flatskjæra and Arisholmen, which all finished off nicely with some delicious fish soup in the afternoon.    

A very pleasant day indeed, as you can see here.

Interfaith Cooperation

We have recently visited Lokuttara Vihara and Skogskloster Buddist community in Skiptvedt, with an invitation of participation of The Cathedral Of Hope. It was a fantastic convention, and were presented with both a cutting-board and honey from the Bishop of Borgs own garden. 


Interfait coopération for hope and the ocean.

Sister Theodora is new ambassador!

The Cathedral Of Hope has its own ambassador program, where the aim is to promote and highlight the projects goal/aim and vision. We are very proud and happy that Sister Theodora accepted the challenge.  

Anafora is a retreat and a training-centre in Egypt which is a part of the Coptic Orthodox Church. Anafora’s vision derives from the name ‘anaphora’, which is a Coptic word meaning to ‘offer’ and to ‘uplift  or ‘uplifting’.  A ‘hand’ that lifts people up. They contribute with important work, and make a prominent effort to help children and young people to gain better confidence in themselves, provide knowledge and craft to support themselves and their families, and perhaps find their way to further education.    

Skjermbilde 2019-04-29 kl. 10.48.34.png

-I am so happy for the Hope Cathedral project and that it is connected to our Anafora vision of lifting up all people.   One of the ways Anafora does this is by taking care of the environment. This is why this innovative project is so important in encouraging everyone to play their part in caring for the environment, Søster Theodora.  


Tall Ship Races 2019 focuses on a clean ocean, and educates its own ‘Clean Sea’ ambassadors among their co-sailors. The barge to Hope Cathedral will be ready for the TSR 2019, and the project will be vividly visible during this folk festival which is held in July. 

Saturday was set for the first ‘Tourist in hometown’ Sarpsborg, Fredrikstad and Hvaler. We were present together with TSR on Flesketorvet. It was a very pleasant day, in spite of a little grey weather. Many people popped in and engaged in a little chat. 


Cicignon School visited us at Isegran

On April 8, 50 pupils from Cicignon School visited us at the construction site. They wanted to learn more about the project and how they could contribute as volunteers. They had already completed numerous beach cleanups this spring. We greatly appreciate visits like this, and also that so many young volunteers wish to contribute.  


A little break in the sun ..

We present the resource group!

-one new every month,

April is dedicated Per Christian Skauen, General Manager, Kirkens Bymisjon.

-Climate change is the greatest threat to humans and nature in modern times. Hope Cathedral is a concrete project that invites a broad collaboration and something which contributes to increase the number of environmental commitments.


This Easter we had a small ‘Give Away’ competition, where we gave away 10 of our new environmentally friendly shopping nets. Amalie was one of the lucky winners, and she decided to use the shopping net for her packed lunch. Amalie is described as a little environmental helper who can never walk pass any litter without picking it up.

Our Congratulations!

Bees and Birds with their own Cathedral

Hope Cathedral is concerned with width and diversity, and biodiversity is the diversity of all living organisms. Our bees are vital and also essential pollinators and we need to - and wish to help them. Therefore we are gifting them with their own Cathedral. 

There is also a Cathedral in the making for small birds, which will be available for purchase very soon.  


Helene Bøksle

-sings for Hope Cathedral

Helene Bøksle, One of our ambassadors, has written and composed her own song for The Cathedral Of Hope. In this clip she performs the song in one of Norway’s oldest churches - Hvaler Church, which is located on outer Hvaler National Park. She decided to perform the song in this specific church so as to be further inspired by the acoustics and the atmosphere.  

A reminder:

Climate Concert and High Tower Waves - in support of Hope Cathedral.

Magnus Grønneberg sings Hovland psalms, Sunday, May 26, 7 pm, Fredrikstad Cathedral.

Tickets here Price NOK 380,-


Hope Cathedral is an interfaith and sustainable art project. We’re building a cathedral with a wooden construction inspired by traditional Norwegian stave churches and blocks made out of plastic we have found in the sea. The cathedral becomes proof that we can transform something bad into something good - and is a groundbreaking meeting point between world heritage and modern art, between people across age, nationality and faith. Hope Cathedral will be a place for common effort in a world where we may feel isolated from others.


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